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My torrid relationship with French macarons…from the beginning


Oh, French macarons, how I love thee. Glorious little confections of meringue and cream. An amalgam of wonderful textures in a wee little cookie. It’s not hard to fall in love with them…unless you’re me. I’m about to say something that may shock a lot of people: I didn’t love my first French macaron. I actually, didn’t even really like it.

Gossip Girls need food too…

Eek! I know, I know. How could I say such a thing? I just wasn’t impressed. I didn’t get why Blair Waldorf went nuts over those cute little French confections. I was told my heart would skip a beat at first bite. I felt lied to, betrayed. To be fair, I even tried a few more from different places and they grew on me a little but I still felt a little ambivalent towards them. I really, really wanted to love them. They are just too pretty! So I set out to make myself love them and that meant making them myself. Little did I know, they would consume my life for the next 3 years.

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