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How to make a mustache cake


I’m kind of excited about this mustache cake!  I’m not much of a cake decorator. I usually just slap on some frosting, spread it around and call it a day. This took one extra step but the rest was pretty much the same. Anyone could do it! It’s kind of hilarious. My mom had this book when I was a little kid that showed you how to cut cakes and put them together to look like things kids might like. A mustache cake was definitely not in that book but I was always kind of fascinated by the process of turning a round or square cake into something else.

This would be perfect for Father’s Day! I made this out of a small 6″ round cake but the same simple “technique” can be used with an 8″ or 9″ round cake. Hell, You could do this with a 30″ round cake if you wanted (if you could even find a pan that big). No matter the size, it will be easy and turn into a cake everyone will love.

How to make a mustache cake:

  • Start with a round baked cake. Trim the  top so it’s flat all the way across. You’ll be flipping over one side so it will need to lay flat. Cut the cake like you are drawing a yin-yang symbol. Don’t worry about getting it perfect, you can trim your stache after you’ve flipped it.


  •  Now flip over one side and position the pieces to make your mustache cake. Trim if needed to make both side relatively even.


  •  Transfer pieces to a serving platter or cake board and cover with frosting. Drag a knife or the tip of your spatula through the frosting to resemble hair. And wah-lah! A mustache cake is born.



I couldn’t help myself. 


 And in honor of Father’s Day this weekend, here is an awesome pic of my dad, his very own stache and his two awesome kids. (I may have been the fattest baby ever but he still carried me around so I could nap and not ruin everyone’s good time.)



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