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Diesel Brew Coffee, Cold Brewed and Ready to Drink

diesel brew coffee

By now you probably know how addicted to coffee I am. While scrolling through pictures on Instagram, I came across a company called Diesel Brew. They make ready to drink cold brewed coffee. I had to try it! Loren, one of Diesel Brew’s founders, was nice enough to drop off a few bottles for me to try. I love, love, LOVED it! As soon as I opened the bottle and smelled it, I knew it would be for me.

Loren started experimenting with cold brewed coffee back in 2012, while trying to kick his Mountain Dew habit. He needed caffeine but didn’t like the bitterness of regular hot brewed coffee. He passed bottles of his cold brew out to friends to see how they liked it. Apparently they liked it a lot because he asked his brother Jesse to join forces with him and form Diesel Brew in September 2013. Now, the company consists of Loren, a WordPress developer and IT guy, his brother Jesse, a math professor and musician, and their friend Dean, a hair stylist and musician. They make and sell their brew in Orange County, California. 

They came up with the name Diesel Brew because that’s exactly what their coffee reminded them of, strong, black “kick in the ass” coffee. It’s also an homage to their father who was a truck driver. Unlike most cold brewed coffee you can buy, this is not a thick concentrate, it’s ready to drink straight from the bottle. They brew their coffee for 12 – 14 hours then it’s pressed, filtered and bottled. It’s pure coffee, strong and smooth. The flavor is phenom! It’s almost chocolaty. I don’t know what kind of coffee beans they use but they must be magic beans. I like it straight from the bottle but sometimes I mix it with just a tiny splash of my homemade vanilla syrup. This coffee is really, really good you guys! To find out where to get your hands on some, check their website here.

diesel brew coffee

diesel brew coffee


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  • Loren Nason
    April 9, 2014 at 10:43 pm

    Thank you Nichelle for the review.

    Excellent pictures

    I now have to try my own brew with some Vanilla Syrup